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World of Fixed Matches in Sports Betting

World of Fixed Matches in Sports Betting

World of Fixed Matches

Fixed matches have been a contentious topic in the world of fixed matches, introducing an element of unpredictability and ethical concerns into the games we love. This article aims to shed light on what fixed matches are, how they operate, and the implications they have on organized sports.

What is a Fixed Match?

At its core, a fixed match refers to a scenario in organized sports where the outcome is wholly or partially predetermined, often in violation of the game’s rules and sometimes even the law. This clandestine activity typically revolves around manipulating the result for financial gains, with individuals or groups orchestrating predetermined outcomes to profit from betting.

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Motives Behind Fixed Matches:

The most prevalent motive behind fixing matches is financial gain, primarily achieved by exploiting bookmakers through strategic wagers. By controlling the outcome, those involved can place bets with a high degree of certainty, maximizing their potential profits. However, the motivations behind fixed matches can extend beyond immediate financial gains.

Teams might engage in match-fixing for long-term benefits, such as securing better picks in player drafts or ensuring a supposedly weaker opponent in future playoffs. These actions are not only unethical but also compromise the integrity of the sport.

In the realm of sports betting, fixed matches represent a dark underbelly that tarnishes the spirit of fair competition. Understanding the motives behind match-fixing and its impact on organized sports is crucial for fans, bettors, and sports enthusiasts alike. But when money is on first plan then all this “falls into the water”, and the reliable fixed matches will continue to happen, and we are here to get the information about the fixed matches and together with you to profit from them.






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Each day, our tipping experts for football fixed matches look at the football world for the best value bets we can find. This is not the bet that we think has the best chance of being a successful one – that would be too easy! It’s the bet that we think represents the chances of the best return for the odds being offered, and therefore is the one that’s likely to give you the most money back.

Daily Tips Fixed Matches

The aim of our DAILY SINGLE TIPS is to find the price of an event that we think the bookmakers have under or over-estimated. We search through the many dozens of football fixtures available daily for the event that’s going to bring in a decent amount of winnings if our predicted outcome is what actually goes down once the man in black (or green) has blown the final whistle.


Different information is circulating in public about fixed matches. Every day we have info about fixed matches, but not all of them are real and we need to confirm that info from several sources before we publish a specific match. Sometimes, we have info about fixed matches where three or more teams are included in the story, to share points in that round. We are here to make a vise decision does the information is real or fake. After we confirm the information we havsafe fixed matches for the current day.

Match Prediction Daily Tips 100%



What are the reasons behind match fixing?

There are several reasons that fixed matches are being made, but the biggest reason is for gambling purposes or monetary gain by the parties involved. Bookmakers love to make money, and knowing the outcome of a certain match can increase the odds that they are going to win the bet. It’s usually hard for people in the gambling industry to get an entire team or franchise to play along with their scheme. Most of the time, certain players or coaches will be contacted.

Individual parties might be offered some sort of reward for helping to fix a match. They can be heavily influenced by powerful players in the sports gambling world. Most of the time, fixed matches deal with the sport of soccer as it seems to be one of the easiest sports to manipulate.

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Sure Daily Bets 1×2 June 2024

Sure Daily Bets 1×2 June 2024

Sure Daily Bets 1x2 June 2024

Sure Daily Bets 1×2 June 2024

01.06. 2024 | Brage – Oster                              1         | ODDS 2.50 |  RESULT  1:0 W

02.06. 2024 |  L.R. Vicenza – Avellino            1        | ODDS 2.35 |  RESULT  2:1 W

03.06. 2024 |  El Porvenir – Victoriano A.    X      | ODDS 3.10 |  RESULT  0:0 W

04.06. 2024 |  No Match                                //      | ODDS /.// |  RESULT  /:/  

05.06. 2024 |  Guayaquil City – Ind. Juniors  X     | ODDS 3.00 |  RESULT  0:0 W

06.06. 2024 |  Campobasso – Cavese            +3.5     | ODDS 3.00 |  RESULT  2:3 W

07.06. 2024 |  ——-                                —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L

08.06. 2024 |  ——-                               —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L

09.06. 2024 |  ——-                               —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L

10.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

11.06. 2024 |  ——                                   —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L

12.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

13.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

14.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

15.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

16.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

17.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

18.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

19.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

20.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

21.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

22.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

23.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

24.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

25.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

26.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

27.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

28.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

29.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

30.06. 2024 |  ——-                                  —        | ODDS -.– |  RESULT  -:- W/L 

DC Soccer Predictions

Double Chance Soccer Predictions

Double-chance DC soccer predictions are one of the most preferred betting categories. This is a safer and more pragmatic way of betting on football games. In this type of bet, bettors can fix their stake on two of the three possible outcomes of a match which greatly minimizes the chances of a bettor being a loser. This guide thus looks at the dynamics of Double Chance bets. Advantages as well as tips on how to strategically win more.

Soccer Predictions

screenshot: 1XBET

Understanding Double Chance Bets

It is called a Double Chance bet. As the name suggests you bet on two outcomes of a single match and the odds are hugely in your favor. The three options available in Double Chance betting are:

Home Win or Draw (1X)

Away Win or Draw (X2)

Home Win or Away Win (12)

This format is especially useful in games where one might see a closely fought contest or where a team that is regarded as being the weaker side has a chance of getting at least a draw.

How Double Chance Bets Work

In a typical 1X2 market, bettors choose between three outcomes. The first outcome is to be a win for the home team. The second one is a draw and the third one is a win for the away team. In this one, you choose two of these outcomes and in a way, they are interrelated since you are assured of winning the bet if either of the selected outcomes happens.


  • Match: Manchester United vs. Chelsea
  • Double Chance Bet: Home Win or Draw (1X)

If Manchester United triumphs or the match is a draw, then you will be a winner. The only time you are a loser is when Chelsea emerges the winner.

Benefits of Double Chance Betting

Reduced Risk: In two outcomes, variation is automatically reduced so betting on two outcomes minimizes the risks. You are likely to face when placing your bet unlike when you bet on single outcomes.

Versatility: Double Chance bets are efficient when staking especially on underdogs or where you expect a toss-up.

Strategic Flexibility: These bets give more freedom while making a bet, especially when betting accumulators or over/under goals.

When to Use Double Chance Bets

Underdog Advantage: In this case, if you think the underdog team has a high likelihood to either draw or win the match, you can safely bet a Double Chance bet (X2).

Close Matches: In some of the games where no team can be said to have a better chance of winning, a Double Chance bet will act as a cover therefore reducing risks.

Away Matches: For teams with good records at home and unconvincing performances in away games, a bet on the fact that their home team will lose and the away team will either win or draw (X2) can be profitable when they are away.

Strategies for Double Chance Betting

Research and Analysis: Analyze the form of the teams and the history of confrontation. Also the dynamics of the teams’ performances. Sometimes betting on a team and also a consolation team. Under the title of a Double Chance bet can be advantageous, and having an understanding of team dynamics makes it easier to determine when this type of betting is useful.

Betting on Draws: An accumulator combined with a Draw, which can be offered on leagues or matches that frequently result in a draw is especially advantageous.

Combining Bets: Use double chance bets into accumulators because they can increase potential evens when returns while the risk is reduced.

Market Conditions: Sports betting using the Double Chance option can be highly valuable in situations where it appears that the bookmaker has not accurately priced the event.

Examples of Double Chance Betting

Scenario 1: Favoring the Underdog

  • Match: Leicester City vs. Liverpool
  • Double Chance Bet: Away Win or Draw (X2)

This kind of bet assumes that the Leicester City team is capable of producing a draw or even a win. This strategy is beneficial if you arrange that Liverpool will not perform as per the rank or if Leicester is likely in higher form.

Scenario 2: Close Contest

  • Match: Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona
  • Double Chance Bet: Home Win or Draw (1X)

Originally to bet on Atletico Madrid meant to bet on their victory or the drawing result. This is quite logical for such a team as Atletico Madrid since they are always close competitors and they are known for their outstanding performance when playing at home.

Double Chance Bets into your Betting Strategy

Double Chance soccer predictions provide fans with a tangible and relatively safer way of staking on football games. Possible offers two outcomes which if properly taken. Bettors are protected from the innate unpredictability of the game thus boosting their odds of winning. This particular betting market is more so beneficial when used in games with a balanced team or side when betting using underdogs with abilities. As with any such approach to betting, one must invest much time and effort to research the odds and make the best of them.

To sum up, properly incorporating Double Chance bets into your betting strategy, and using them as complementary to other types of bets, will lead to higher success rates with consistent winnings. For the novices who are new to betting or those who have been betting for some time. Double-chance bets will offer you a safer means of earning money.


Professional Bets 1×2

Unleashing the Power of Professional Bets 1×2: Expert Tips for Successful Football Betting

In the thrilling world of football betting, having access to reliable and accurate predictions can make a world of difference. That’s where Pro Bets 1×2 comes into play. With their expert tips and match analysis, they offer invaluable insights to help you make informed betting decisions. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Professional Bets 1×2 and how their expertise can enhance your football betting experience.

Professional Bets 1x2

What is Professional Bets 1×2?

Professional Bets 1×2 is a renowned platform that specializes in providing professional tips and predictions for football matches. Their team of experts meticulously analyzes various factors, including team form, player performance, historical data, and current statistics, to deliver accurate predictions for the three possible outcomes of a match: home win (1), draw (x), and away win (2). Their goal is to empower bettors with the knowledge and insights needed to make successful bets.

The Advantages of Professional Bets 1×2

– Expert Analysis and Insights

The experienced analysts at Pro Bets 1×2 possess an in-depth understanding of the game. They go beyond superficial statistics, diving into intricate details and trends that often go unnoticed. Their expert analysis and insights help bettors gain a competitive edge, enabling them to make more informed betting decisions.

– Increased Win Rate

By utilizing the professional tips offered by Pro Bets 1×2, bettors can significantly increase their chances of winning. These tips are backed by a comprehensive analysis of various factors that influence the outcome of football matches. With access to accurate predictions, bettors can make smarter choices, resulting in a higher win rate over time.

Time-Saving and Convenience

Researching and analyzing football matches can be time-consuming, especially for bettors with limited resources or expertise. Pro Bets 1×2 simplifies the process by providing reliable predictions and tips. This saves bettors valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on placing well-informed bets rather than spending hours on research.

How to Utilize Professional Bets 1×2

– Register and Access Tips

To benefit from the expertise of Accurate Bets 1×2, simply register on their platform. Once registered, you gain access to a wealth of information, including match predictions, analysis, and betting advice. This enables you to make the most of their professional tips and enhance your betting strategy.

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– Implement Responsible Bankroll Management

While Pro Bets 1×2 provides valuable insights, it’s important to exercise responsible bankroll management. Set a budget for your bets and avoid exceeding it. Remember that even with professional tips, there is always an element of risk involved in sports betting.

Professional Bets 1×2 is a game-changer for football bettors seeking expert advice and analysis. By leveraging their professional tips, you can make more informed decisions, increase your win rate, and save valuable time. Remember to combine their insights with responsible bankroll management for a successful and enjoyable football betting experience.



Best predictions bet fixed match

Best predictions bet fixed match

Best predictions bet fixed match



UEFA: Euro 2024

18:00 Turkey – Georgia

PICK: 1 (Turkey to win)

Odds @ 1.70

FT – : –

Best predictions bet fixed match

Sure Bets Manipulated Football Matches

Best predictions bet fixed match

Group F at Euro 2024 kicks off on Tuesday evening in Dortmund, featuring a crucial match between Turkey and Georgia.

Also in this group are Portugal and the Czech Republic, with Portugal widely expected to top the group, leaving the other three teams to vie for the second spot.

Turkey’s best European Championship performance was in 2008 when they reached the semi-finals. However, they exited at the group stage in both Euro 2016 and Euro 2020.

The Crescent-Stars are hopeful of securing enough points to advance to the round of 16 and are favorites to win against Georgia on the first matchday.

Vincenzo Montella’s squad enters the tournament following a 2-1 defeat to Poland and is winless in their last five matches, including three losses.

Turkey’s last Euro 2024 qualifier ended in a 1-1 draw with Wales on November 21, but they topped Group D ahead of Croatia, earning 17 points from eight matches.

Tuesday’s match will be the sixth encounter between Turkey and Georgia, with Turkey having won three of the previous five meetings, including a 3-1 win in a friendly in May 2012.

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Best predictions bet fixed match

Georgia, on the other hand, is debuting at a major tournament, making their performance this summer highly anticipated.

Willy Sagnol’s team secured their tournament spot by defeating Greece on penalties in the playoffs. Since that victory, they have played only once, beating Montenegro 3-1 in a friendly on June 9.

The group’s schedule could benefit Georgia, as they avoid playing Portugal until the third matchday. By then, Portugal may have already secured a knockout round spot, possibly leading to key players being rested.

Georgia’s standout player is Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, a 23-year-old Napoli forward with 15 goals in 30 appearances for his national team.

Other notable players include Valencia goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili, Slovan Bratislava’s Guram Kashia, and Watford’s Giorgi Chakvetadze. The Crusaders have the talent to make an impact at the tournament.

Georgia has only defeated Turkey once, in a friendly back in February 2007, when David Siradze scored the match’s only goal.

Embark on an enriching journey with our platform today and elevate your football betting pursuits with our expertly curated best match fixed.

Accurate predictions sure odds

Accurate predictions sure odds

Accurate predictions sure odds



UEFA: Euro 2024

18:00 Slovenia – Denmark

PICK: Btts/Yes

Odds @ 2.00

FT 1 : 1

Accurate predictions sure odds

Sure Bets Manipulated Football Matches

Accurate predictions sure odds

Denmark and Slovenia face off on Friday, with the victor securing automatic qualification for Euro 2024 with a game to spare.

Despite holding a four-point lead over third-placed Kazakhstan in Group H, both nations essentially have two opportunities to secure their spot in next year’s tournament.

Some critics argue that Denmark has struggled to advance from what was considered a favorable group. They suffered a loss to Kazakhstan, needed late goals to overcome Finland twice, and benefited from VAR to narrowly defeat Northern Ireland.

Nonetheless, Denmark has amassed 19 points from their eight games, needing just one win from their final two fixtures to guarantee qualification.

Though already assured of a playoff spot, Kasper Hjulmand is keen to secure their place at Euro 2024 as soon as possible. A loss to Slovenia and a subsequent victory for Kazakhstan over Slovenia would likely leave Denmark needing a win against Northern Ireland.

However, Hjulmand remains confident that his team can extend their unbeaten run to seven matches, especially since they haven’t lost at home since June 2022.


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Accurate predictions sure odds

For Slovenia, this match carries more weight as they lack the security of a guaranteed playoff spot. One win from their last two games will see them through to Euro 2024, but facing Denmark away is their toughest challenge on paper. They could find themselves under immense pressure if they need to avoid defeat against Kazakhstan in their final fixture.

Slovenia’s recent form is promising, with four consecutive victories, including a 3-0 home win against Finland and a hard-fought 1-0 away win in Northern Ireland. Matjaz Kek’s team has only lost once in their last 14 matches since June 2022, and they are confident of securing qualification, whether on Friday or Monday.

Embark on an enriching journey with our platform today and elevate your football betting pursuits with our expertly curated sure soccer tips 1×2.

Fixed match bet odds

Fixed match bet odds

Fixed match bet odds



UEFA: Euro 2024

15:00 Hungary – Switzerland

PICK: +2.5 (Over 2.5 goals) 

Odds @ 2.25

FT 1 : 3

Fixed match bet odds

Sure Bets Manipulated Football Matches

Fixed match bet odds

Hungary and Switzerland will launch their Euro 2024 journeys with a Group A clash at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne on Saturday afternoon.

Group A also includes Scotland and the host nation, Germany, who will kick off the tournament in Munich on Friday night.

Hungary, having not advanced past the group stage at Euro 2020, enter Euro 2024 with high hopes. Under Marco Rossi’s leadership, the team is seen as a dark horse by many. Since early 2023, Hungary has lost only once in 14 international matches, remaining unbeaten in their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign with five wins and three draws, topping their group for the first time.

Ranked 26th globally by FIFA, Hungary is preparing for their third consecutive European Championship appearance. They head to Germany on a high after a commanding 3-0 home win over Israel in their final warm-up match last weekend. The Magyars scored three goals in the first 22 minutes, with Roland Sallai opening the scoring and Barnabas Varga adding two more, securing a morale-boosting victory following a surprising 2-1 friendly defeat to the Republic of Ireland four days earlier.

Hungary aims to start Group A on a positive note, but they face a formidable Switzerland team, which has won six of the last nine encounters between the two nations.

This match marks only the second major tournament meeting between Hungary and Switzerland, with Hungary winning their previous encounter 2-0 at the 1938 World Cup. However, Switzerland has won the last two international meetings, scoring eight goals in total.


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Fixed match bet odds

Switzerland, ranked 19th by FIFA, had a challenging Euro 2024 qualification, securing four wins and five draws in 10 matches, finishing second in their group behind Romania. This lackluster performance put pressure on manager Murat Yakin, but he retained his position and is preparing for his first Euros as Swiss manager, helped by a four-game unbeaten run in 2023.

In their Euro 2024 preparations, Switzerland defeated Estonia 4-0 before drawing 1-1 with Austria last weekend. Christoph Baumgartner scored early for Austria, but Silvan Widmer equalized for Switzerland.

Yakin faces the task of guiding Switzerland into the knockout stages, continuing the team’s record of advancing from the group stage in the last five European Championships. They aim to replicate their Euro 2020 success, where they reached the quarter-finals.

Embark on an enriching journey with our platform today and elevate your football betting pursuits with our expertly curated sure match predictions.

Europe match predictions 1×2

Europe match predictions 1×2

Europe match predictions 1x2



UEFA: Euro 2024

21:00 Germany – Scotland

PICK: +2.5 (Over 2.5 goals) 

Odds @ 1.70

FT 5 : 1

Europe match predictions 1×2

Sure Bets Manipulated Football Matches

Europe match predictions 1×2

Euro 2024 will commence with an exciting opener between host nation Germany and Scotland at the Munich Football Arena on Friday. Germany, a three-time champion of the tournament, shares the record for the most titles with Spain. This year, Germany enters the month-long competition with odds of +550 to win the Euro 2024 trophy, trailing behind England (+300) and France (+340). In their opening match, they will face a Scottish team that has never progressed beyond the group stage in the European Championship.

The match is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. ET. In the latest odds, Germany is the heavy favorite at -340 (bet $340 to win $100), while Scotland is considered a significant underdog at +900. A draw is set at +500, and the over/under for total goals is 2.5.


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Europe match predictions 1×2

Historically, Germany has dominated Scotland in their head-to-head encounters, remaining unbeaten since 1999. That defeat remains Germany’s only loss to Scotland in their last 13 meetings.

Adding to Germany’s strengths is the presence of Toni Kroos, a veteran midfielder renowned for his winning record. The 34-year-old has secured six Champions League titles with Real Madrid and amassed 70 assists over the past decade in La Liga. Kroos is set to retire from professional soccer following Euro 2024. Additionally, Kai Havertz is coming off a stellar season with Arsenal, having scored 13 goals and provided seven assists in the Premier League.

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Fixed match bet odds

Fixed match bet odds FREE TIPS 15.06.2024 UEFA: Euro 2024 15:00 Hungary – Switzerland PICK: +2.5 (Over 2.5 goals)  Odds @ 2.25 FT 1 :

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Correct Bets Fixed Matches

Correct Bets Fixed Matches FREE TIPS 07.06.2024 WORLD: Friendly International 20:45 Poland – Ukraine PICK: X (Draw)  Odds @ 3.20 FT – : – Correct

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Austria fixed matches

Austria fixed matches

Austria Fixed Matches website, your go-to destination for daily free predictions and premium VIP matches. Whether you’re seeking free insights or aiming for guaranteed results, we’ve got you covered.

Our platform specializes in offering a range of predictions, catering to both free users and those seeking top-notch fixed matches. At Austria Fixed Matches, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate forecasts and reliable betting options.

Austria fixed matches

Best Fixed Matches

For those who desire surefire wins, our VIP section is tailored to meet your needs. Our team at Fixed Match No. 1 is dedicated to providing the best-fixed matches available, ensuring a secure and trustworthy betting experience.

Rest assured, whether you’re a casual bettor or a seasoned enthusiast, our goal is to offer you the finest fixed match selections to enhance your betting journey. Join us today for a winning experience!

Fixed matches are orchestrated for various reasons, with the primary motivation often being linked to gambling or financial gains for involved parties. Bookmakers, driven by profit, are keen on influencing match outcomes to tilt the betting odds in their favor.

However, orchestrating the cooperation of an entire team or franchise in such schemes within the gambling industry is typically challenging. Instead, these arrangements often involve contacting specific players or coaches rather than the whole team or management.

Successful Match Predictions 1×2

Successful Match Predictions 1×2 and Sure Bets Today

Successful Match Predictions 1x2

In the fast-paced world of sports betting, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for accurate tips that can enhance their match predictions (1×2) and uncover potential fixed match today. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, the quest for reliable information to make informed choices remains a constant.

Match predictions (1×2) refer to the popular betting format where you predict the outcome of a match – whether it will end in a win for the home team (1), a draw (x), or a victory for the away team (2). These predictions require a careful analysis of team form, player injuries, historical performance, and other relevant factors. Accurate match predictions are essential for successful betting, as they provide valuable insights into the likely course of the game.

One of the ultimate goals in sports betting is to discover sure bets today, also known as arbitrage bets. Sure bets fixed matches involve placing multiple bets on all possible outcomes of a single event across different bookmakers, ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome. Identifying sure bets requires a keen eye for odds discrepancies between bookmakers, allowing bettors to exploit the variations and secure a guaranteed return on investment.

To increase the likelihood of accurate match predictions and spotting sure fixed bets, bettors can follow a few key strategies:

    1. Research and Analysis: Thoroughly research team statistics, player dynamics, head-to-head records, and other relevant data to make informed predictions.
    2. Expert Insights: Follow sports analysts and experts who provide insights into team dynamics, player conditions, and match strategies.
    3. Comparing Odds: Regularly compare odds across different bookmakers to identify potential sure bets by exploiting variations in odds.
    4. Bankroll Management: Implement effective bankroll management strategies to ensure sustainable betting practices and minimize losses.
    5. Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest news, including last-minute changes like injuries or team lineup alterations that can significantly impact match outcomes.

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Successful Match Fixed

In the realm of sports betting, accuracy and careful analysis reign supreme. While there’s no foolproof method for predicting match outcomes (1×2) or spotting sure bets today, combining research, expert insights, odds comparison, and prudent bankroll management can greatly enhance your chances of success. Remember, responsible and informed betting is the key to a rewarding experience in the world of sports predictions.

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FIXEDMATCH1.COM is finally product of network of sources installed on four continents. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best information about football fixed matches.