Fixed Odds vs Parimutuel Betting

Fixed Odds vs Parimutuel Betting: What’s the Difference?

Are you looking to get into the world of betting? If so, it’s important to understand the difference between fixed odds and parimutuel betting. With Triple5Bet login, you can access both types of wagering options and make an informed decision on how you want to bet. Fixed odds are when a bookmaker sets the odds for a certain outcome before any bets have been placed. Parimutuel betting is when all bets are pooled together and then paid out based on the final results. Both types offer different advantages depending on your strategy, so let’s take a closer look at each one!

What is Fixed Odds Betting?

Fixed odds betting is a type of betting wherein the odds are not affected by the amount of money wagered. This means that the payouts remain constant regardless of how much money is bet. This type of betting is often offered on sports events, horse races, and other forms of gambling.

In fixed odds betting, a bookmaker will set the odds, and these will rarely change during the event or race. This allows bettors to compare different bookmakers’ odds for a specific event and makes it easier to determine which one offers the best return on investment for them.

The main benefit of fixed odds betting is that it offers greater certainty when placing a bet. As the odds remain fixed throughout an event or race, you know exactly what you stand to win if your wager is successful. Additionally, most fixed-odds bookmakers provide a range of bonuses and promotions which can improve your chances of winning, such as free bets or enhanced returns.

What is Parimutuel Betting?

Parimutuel betting refers to an arrangement in which all bets are pooled together before being divided among those who have placed winning wagers. The total amount available to be won (the ‘pool’) is determined by how much has been bet by participants in that particular round or event. For example, if two people make a wager on an event with $100 each, then there would be $200 in the pool should they both win their respective wagers.

Unlike fixed odds betting where payouts are predetermined regardless of how much money has been betted, parimutuel betting involves more uncertainty as payouts depend on how much money other participants have wagered in relation to yourself. As such, parimutuel bets tend to offer larger potential payouts than those found with fixed-odds bets – but there’s also increased risk involved due to not knowing exactly what you stand to win until after all bets have been placed. 

Another key difference between these two types of wagering lies in taxation: while profits from fixed-odds bets may be taxed depending on where you live; profits from parimutuel bets tend not to be subject to tax as they constitute “gambling income” rather than regular income.

What is Parimutuel Betting?

Parimutuel betting differs from fixed odds in that it pools bets together from multiple participants and then pays out based on the total amount wagered. In this type of wagering, winners will usually not know how much they’ve won until after all stakes have been placed and all results have been tallied. This form of betting also requires less initial cash to enter into each pool since bets are pooled together from multiple players.

Pros & Cons of Fixed Odds & Parimutuel Betting

Fixed odds betting carries with it many advantages such as having more control over your bet amounts and knowing exactly how much you’ll win or lose before your bet is settled. However, this form of wagering does not allow for large payouts due to its predetermined odds structure which means larger wins may require bigger stakes than normal when compared to other forms of gambling such as casino games or sportsbooks. Additionally, long-term profits through fixed odds wagering can be difficult to come by unless you’re extremely skilled at predicting outcomes accurately.

Parimutuel betting offers some distinct benefits when compared to fixed odds – mainly allowing for larger payouts since bets are pooled together from multiple players – but with this comes increased risk since you might not know how much you’ve won until after all stakes have been placed and all results have been tallied. Additionally, while parimutuel betting can potentially be more profitable in the long run than fixed odds due to higher jackpots – it also carries with it increased variance which can lead to large swings in either direction depending on luck alone. 


Both fixed odds and parimutuel betting offer their own unique advantages which makes them attractive options for different types of gamblers depending on their preferences and abilities. For those looking for a low-risk approach with guaranteed returns – then fixed odds may be the right choice whereas if they’re looking for high potential rewards then parimutuel could be better suited for them instead.